Kevin Hill's Baby Back Ribs

(1.)1 cup ketchup
(2.) 2 cups sweet city BBQ
(3.) 1 cup hot sauce
(4.) ½ cup pepper
(5.) ½ cup brown sugar
(6.) 1 cup salt
(7.) ½ cup onion powder
(8.) 1 cup cayenne pepper
(9.) ½ cup mustard
(10.)1 cup mayo
(11.) spay bottle

Rib Rub
1.)1/2 cup pepper
2.)1/2 cup brown sugar
3.)1 cup salt
4.)1 cup cayenne pepper
5.) onion powder

BBQ sauce
1.) 1 cup ketchup
2.) 2 cup sweet city BBQ
3.) 1 cup hot sauce
4.) ½ cup mustard
5.) 1 cup mayo
6.) 1 spray bottle

Get a spray bottle
Get 1 baby back rib
Get a sharp knife
Cut the mimbrain then pill it off
You put the rub on both side of the rib
Put the smoker o 210 degree
Put a little BBQ sauce on each side
Set the side with more fat on the side with the most heat
Keep it in for bout 3-5 hours
Then take it out and put more sauce on oit
after that you will need too make sure you cheack your rib every 30 min
then let it sit for bout 30 min
then you put the sauce on it after you taste it first.
then put the BBQ sauce in the bottle with a little water you spay it on bout 5-6 times
then you would cut them to little peaces
then put the sauce in to a little bowl.